The Most Important Security Innovations Introduced with the Pi Phone

Rumors have been swirling for over a year that Musk is in the process of creating an advanced new phone, with much excitement around the allegedly in-development Tesla Model Pi smartphone. While nothing has been confirmed, we take a look at some of the most persistent rumors about this tantalizing device below, including likely security innovations, release date, specs, hardware, and price.

Features of the 5G Tesla Pi

Although there’s no firm evidence, given Tesla’s past form, the Model Pi will feature a battery of advanced security innovations to keep users’ information and connection safe. Given the bioweapon defense mode of the company’s already existing Cybertruck, it’s safe to say that if this phone ever comes to market, security won’t be a problem.

There are rumors that a Tesla 5G phone could incorporate satellite internet, possibly via SpaceX’s Starlink, and a pre-installed app to control basic vehicle functions, such as locking and unlocking doors, controlling media playback, and even summoning your car. And that’s not all. A Tesla phone is likely to make use of some form of solar charging and may be used for crypto mining, possibly with the capability of mining an entirely new kind of virtual coin called MarsCoin. Given Musk’s well-known love of crypto, this feature is entirely plausible and would add an exciting edge to the new device. And while solar charging, a device that spends most of its time in our pocket or bag, may be a challenge, we’re sure it’s one that Musk can handle.

One of the most thrilling – but possibly least realistic – of the rumors around the Pi phone is its connection to Neuralink, a company also owned by Musk. This company has recently stated that it’s working on implants that’ll allow the implantee to directly control a mobile device or computer wherever they are – by the power of thought. Should this seismic leap forward occur, it’s not outside of the realm of possibility that a Neuralink app will be built into the Pi phone.

Privacy Innovations

When the Tesla Model Pi phone becomes a reality, it will likely include some of the most advanced security and privacy features in the industry. Given Elon’s track record, the Pi phone could come equipped with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all data stored on the device is secure. The integration of biometric authentication, such as ultrasonic fingerprint sensors and facial recognition seem almost inevitable.

One of the key privacy features expected is enhanced control over personal data. Users would likely have the ability to manage and delete their search history easily, in just one click. In contrast with how to delete search history on iphone, where you need to be a tech wizard to ensure your browsing habits remain private. Tesla would undoubtedly make this process straightforward and secure on the Model Pi. Some insiders hinted that the phone might include advanced malware detection systems, leveraging Tesla’s expertise in AI to protect against evolving cyber threats.

The Neuralink Connection

While Neuralink’s technology could one day be incorporated into a potential Tesla Pi phone, the company’s primary mission is to help those with unmet medical needs via a brain-computer interface. The implant’s threads are so fine that mere human surgeons can’t insert them – hyper-advanced surgical robots must fit them. 

Once in place, the advanced, low-power, custom chips process neural signals and transmit them wirelessly to the Neuralink app. This, in turn, decodes the data stream, turning it into actions and intent. The battery is charged wirelessly from the outside via a small, inductive charger that can be easily used anywhere. And if all of this sounds straight from the realm of science fiction? The tech has progressed so much that Neuralink is about to conduct clinical trials.

How About the Hardware?

While there is no evidence concerning what a Tesla Pi phone could look like, that hasn’t stopped the speculation. It’s likely to contain all the usual phone hardware, including plenty of storage and a screen of about 6.5 inches. Of course, it’s going to look sleekly futuristic and is said to incorporate an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and astrophotography settings for capturing stunning shots of the night sky.

And the cost? Again, we’ve only got hearsay and speculation to go on, but the Tesla Pi phone would probably start at around $800 for a basic model and upwards of $2,000 for a version with all the bells and whistles. If you’re likely to be one of the first in line for this phone when – and if – it’s released, you’ll be happy to know that renters insurance might cover your cellphone. Be sure to check your policy carefully, though, to ensure this is the case.

Is the Tesla Model Pi Phone a Myth?

It’s hard to tell. The rumors began after Elon Musk himself responded to a tweet in which he commented that he would potentially develop a new type of smartphone if necessary. Since hinting at this possibility, speculation has been rife regarding the development of a Model Pi phone from Tesla, with excited online chatter about its possible features and hardware. 

It’s certainly not outside of the realms of possibility: after all, Musk has proved himself more than up to the task of not only creating super innovative devices and tech but making them accessible to the general public.

In Conclusion: When Will the Tesla Pi Phone Be Released?

In truth? No one knows. If the rumors are true about the advanced tech this model of the phone will contain, such as the Neuralink app, then we’re probably looking at a release date of around 2030. More realistically, a more “basic” – and yet still mind-blowingly high-tech – version could become available within the next five years. Watch this SpaceX.

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